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Have you been wanting to take your photography to the next level but feel stuck?! Let me help you! I am a complete open book when it comes to mentoring you. Ask me anything from posing, contracts, camera settings and running your biz. We can grab breakfast or lunch, hang for a while and then go out and shoot together! I will completely walk you through any step of your journey that you may need help with. Bring your laptop and we can go through editing tips, too! 

After our Mentor Session, I will do my absolute best to continue supporting you in your journey! I want you to feel comfortable messaging me with questions, asking for advice, etc! Please send me an email, a DM on Instagram or Facebook with any questions, or to sign up!

Online experience

An hour session of FaceTime with Taylor going over anything from editing, posing, marketing, etc! I'm an open book, let's chat! 


Taylor is honestly the best mentor I could have ever asked for! Over the few months I’ve spent shooting with her, I’ve already seen the quality of my pictures sky-rocket. She knows the ins and outs of current editing software and keeps up to date on all the new styles, she is a client posing MASTER, has lots of creative ideas both in studio and outside, and is all around fun and positive to work with. She is a must have mentor!! <3​​

Taylor is an amazing photographer, and an even better mentor! I am so thankful I chose her to do a mentor session with her. Not only is she so freaking fun to shoot with, she’s an open book and SO helpful. I've reached out to her a couple times since our mentor session, and she is still willing to help me and answer my questions! She has been so supportive! I learned so much from her, and I could not recommend her enough!


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